Xcode App Tutorial Success

Yes–I fixed my problem!

Thanks to this tutorial I found on YouTube (after trying other code found in various discussion threads), I inserted “textField.delegate=self;” in the (void)viewDidLoad method in the viewController.m file (where textField was the declared variable for the text field) and the keyboard DISAPPEARED after pressing “Done”!  The entire thing works correctly now with no build errors or warnings!

Success #2!

It’s interesting both are basic “Hello, World!” programs! (The first success was here, in case you missed it.)

I started reading through some of the Xcode reference .pdf files, mainly the UIKit_Framework.pdf.  It’s nice there is a library of pre-defined items such as sliders, buttons, and pickers to cut done on development time, but I still need to learn how to incorporate them (this document did not help me with my specific problem, though).

Now to decide what my next creation will be…

English: Very simple "Hello World!" ...

English: Very simple “Hello World!” program written in TI-BASIC on a TI-99/4A Home Computer. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

(Reminds me of fun programming times in years past…)

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